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About Natalie Söll Vertrieb GmbH - Zoho Premium Partner

Your Zoho Team

The foundation of our company was in 2011 when we started as a marketing / sales company.

The partnership with Zoho resulted in early 2012 and ever since then we continue to build up our company.

In July 2014 we became Zoho certified Solution provider - with own developers on board we continue to build industry branch solutions based on Zoho.

We offer complete support, service and licensing of all Zoho Modules.

Zoho Headquarter in Chennai

Our headquarters are located in the heart of Bavaria next to Czech Republic and not far from Austria.

This enabled us in 2014 to service our customers also in Austria and Czech Republic - but not enough, we are the only official Premium Partners in those countries - certified by Zoho as Solution Providers and Premium Partners.

Our goal is to provide you with the best service regarding all Zoho products.

In fact - we believe that Zoho is the best CRM system on the market, that is why we keep this as our ONLY product in our portfolio.

This way we are able to completely focus on providing you the best service - always.

Our team has been consistantly growing over the past years, as well as our installed base in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.

Our customers come from different industries such as Service industry, metal or plastics industry, real estate agencies, financial institutions, medical companies, HR-Agencies and many more.

Currently we serve more then 2500 happy customers in Germany / Austria and Czech Republic.

Because of our growth in Sales, Marketing, Support and Development staff we have decided to change the legal status of our company into a public "GmbH" in September 2016.

Your Sales and Marketing Team,

Natalie Söll Vertrieb GmbH / Zoho Partner for Germany, Austria and Czech Republic