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Zoho Social

Zoho Social offers you a full integration of all Social media channels

See all social media interaction in the context of your CRM records.

Most CRM systems are offering you an activity management - Zoho Social in combination with Zoho CRM offers more :

Generate Leads from Facebook and Twitter - post news in real time and across all platforms, always in the context of your CRM data.

React upon posts and opinions from social networks even before they come into your CRM as leads.

Functions & Features:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram und LinkedIn integration
  • Completely integrated in Zoho CRM
  • Lead generation from  "Likes" in Facebook - direct into Zoho CRM
  • Real time monitoring
  • Configured and ready within minutes

Zoho Social delivers data and reports in real time. React on your audience's opinions, posts and likes. 

Stay ahead of your brand positioning across all channels and view data in the context of your Zoho CRM records.