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Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is the perfect addition for your Zoho CRM environment.

Track your website visitors and engage with them in direct chat sessions..

Generate real leads directly from your website.

Configure SalesIQ within minutes and copy / paste the HTML code on your website.

From now on you can directly engage with your website visitors and turn them into leads in Zoho CRM


Identify your website visitors 


Integrate SalesIQ with many CMS systems


Funktions and Features:

  • locate your website visitors
  • track which sites have been visited
  • integrated Chat Funktion
  • automatic translation within Chat app
  • identify new and returning visitors
  • generate leads directly from your website
  • perfect integration into Zoho CRM
  • smooth integration into your Web-Shop
  • configured and ready within 2 minutes.


Visitor Tracking


insightful reports


CRM Integration