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Zoho Motivator

Zoho Motivator ist the perfect tool to motivate your sales team.

Simply create games for your sales team or customer service team.

Create incentives and define a time frame for each individual game. With the sharing function you can transfer all results in real time to a TV.

Motivate your team.

All results are directly visible in real time - Zoho Motivator is seamlessly integrated within Zoho CRM:

  • sales opportunities (who is closing the most deals)
  • created deals (who creates the most new deals)
  • converted leads (who converts the most leads in a given time)
  • call monitoring (who is reaching out to the most clients)
  • closed support tickets
  • individual "Scoring" and set up
  • time frames and KPIs can be individually defined
  • create prices and incentives for goal achievements.

Zoho Motivator can manage multiple games at the same time and even switch between each game.