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Zoho Docs

With Zoho Docs you receive a full office suite for that works with your favorite document types:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint

Zoho Docs enables you to connect all your online documents with leads / contacts from Zoho CRM.


Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents - share and collaborate within your team and with others

desktop synchronisation

With Zoho Docs you can collaborate on your documents within your team or even with the "outside" world by sharing links.

The system does work on all platforms and offers you also an offline client for Mac / PC to synchronize your docs accross all platforms.

Avoid large Email attachments by just sharing a document link.

You want to send someone a document, that person shall work on it and send it back to you?

With Zoho Docs this is simple:

  • put document in online folder
  • share document with users / private link
  • let user work on the document and get notification on the changes

Zoho Docs integrates seamlessly into Google Docs and Dropbox.

You want to access your files also with mobile devices?

No problem. With the available tablet and smartphone apps you can access your documents from anywhere.