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360 degree view at your customer - with Zoho CRM PLUS

Zoho CRM PLUS offers more than just sales and marketing. With CRM PLUS you can focus 100% at your customer - from all angles and views.

Your team will now be able to provide true customer happiness with Zoho Desk and Zoho Survey - to ensure your customer is satisfied with your service. Monitor all Social Media and get insightful reports with the integrated Zoho Social and Zoho Reports.

Zoho CRM


CRM in the Enterprise Edition is the basis of your customer sales data. Nurture leads and manage clients with the full feature set that the Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition has to offer.

Extend your CRM with workflows and extensions from the Zoho Marketplace.

Zoho Campaigns


With Zoho Campaigns you will be able to create newsletters within minutes, For every paid User in CRM PLUS you can address 5000 clients with your designed newsletter. Track opening rates and monitor your campaign even from within your CRM.

Zoho Survey


Listen to your clients and ask the right questions. With Zoho Survey you can build and deploy customer questionaires within minutes. Zoho Survey is fully integrated with Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns.

Zoho Desk


With Zoho Desk you will be able to manage all your customer requests for help. Zoho Desk is delivered in the Enterprise Edition - therefore your will receive the full feature set. Zoho Desk is directly integrated with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Projects


Manage your projects and let your customer participate in it - using the integrated customer portal. Zoho Project is fully integrated in Zoho CRM and many other tools.

Zoho Reports


Zoho Reports will deliver you all the reports across all Zoho Modules in CRM. This drag and drop business intelligence is included in the Professional edition,m which by itself will normally priced at 90 Euro / per month.

Zoho Social


All modern CRM Systems are offering Lead and Activity management. Zoho is offering more: Integrate all social channels and interact with your contacts from within CRM. You will get a true insight of your social activities and brand recognition inside Zoho.

Zoho SalesIQ


Zoho SalesIQ is the perfect addition to your  Zoho CRM application.

Track your website visitors and update your CRM data from within Zoho SalesIQ. Grab new leads directly from your website using the integrated chat feature.

Zoho Motivator


Zoho Motivator is the perfect tool to motivate your sales team. Use incentives and games to honor the good work of your sales team. 

All games can be transferred to a monitor where your team is able to view live sales data.