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Zoho Creator

A Clear and Intuitive UI

Zoho Creator's UI is intuitive and structured logically, matching the thought process of the user. What you need during the app-building process is always right in front of you in the UI dashboard.

The structured arrangement of instructions ensures that you sail through the app building without any confusion.

Real Quick App Building with Drag & Drop

Save hours of your time with the drag and drop toolset. All you have to do is pen down the app requirements, plan the steps and use the app builder to execute your plan. Simply drag and drop the code blocks on the UI to build the app.

mobile Apps in wenigen Stunden selber bauen.


easy to learn "Drag and Drop" Code


Drag and Drop form generator

many integrations available

Define Rules with Drag-and-Drop Workflow

With the drag-and-drop blocks of prewritten code, adding conditional logic and exceptions to handle scenarios is simple. With workflow rules there are unlimited options of what you can do with Zoho Creator. Define a rule in your project management application on who gets the latest task based on the workload on each member or automatically respond to your customer's "request for quotation" by generating the corresponding work flow.

Form Based Apps

It is easy to add data through forms (eg. registration form). Using the Form builder in Zoho Creator you can build separate forms for separate categories of data and achieve better categorization of data.

Using the Lookup and Formula fields available in the Form Builder, you can establish relationships between data in two different forms.

The individual fields in forms can be configured as numeric, text, email or other formats to make it user-friendly.


easy form generation


workflows on submit / edit actions